If you are really unsure which path to take when it comes to your home security system solution, read on to see what the key considerations are and how you can decide between both options.


DIY (or Do It Yourself) home security systems are generally the first place people’s minds land when they begin to think about installing security systems. They may seem like the perfect solution due to their easy setup, and affordable prices, but they do have their faults.

  • Batteries are often not long-lasting and require regular replacing
  • Cameras can easily be taken down due to lack of wiring
  • Easier to hack as they are wireless and often use Wifi for storing footage in applications on mobile devices
  • If not installed correctly, they can violate legal regulations regarding privacy protection
  • You need to learn the system yourself and manage it over time

Doing it yourself can be really cost and time effective but it’s also important to consider professional installation that we will go into more detail about below.

Professional Installation:

Generally speaking, getting a professional such as an electrician or specific security company to install your system for you takes much less time and hassle. However, it will be a more costly exercise and you will be required to be home upon installation, often meaning taking time off work. That being said, if you are a homeowner it is a great way to ensure things are connected for the long term. Activation fees and ongoing monitoring fees may also occur depending on the company chosen for your security system, it is important to factor in all these things before making a final decision. One last important point to make is that if you plan on moving house, a wired option will be harder to move with you.

Hybrid Option:

There is one more option for those of us who might be a little challenged in the installation department, or not very handy with a drill, instead, you can have your DIY system installed by a local professional or use a handyman service, then you can monitor the system yourself. If you do decide you would rather your DIY system monitored 24/7 by an external company, this is also an option to give you peace of mind going forward.


If you choose a DIY system you will also need to monitor your security system feed yourself. This is often done through an app or by checking footage wherever it is stored on a regular basis. This means a little bit of extra time spent ensuring no sinister activities are occurring around your home, not to mention there may be more false alarms that could potentially waste your precious time.


Paying a security company to monitor you home security system is a great option if you want to feel safe, save time and have the extra funds to spend on it. There is usually a monthly fee and a contract needed for them to be able to monitor you footage for you. The best part is that there will be fewer false alarms as they will verify the alert before action is taken. Authorities are called if no contact can be made so you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that your property is being monitored all the time.

The Wrap Up:

Choosing whether you have the skills or funds to DIY or professionally install your home security system does come with some key areas of consideration, as shown above. Instead of making a split decision, ensure you take the time to think about the risks, benefits and work involved in both options. Your home and your family deserve to feel safe and secure always.