5 Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

Solo travel might seem like a ridiculous idea for many, but for the truly adventurous, braving a new city or an off the beaten path wonder is always enriching and refreshing.

However, safety is a primary concern, especially for women on the road. Here are five important tips to stay secure on your next solo travel.

Show confidence

Getting your nose stuck in a ginormous map, looking nervous, or unsure where you’re going can easily single you out as being on your own, making you a possible target for criminals. Plan your day ahead to know where you’re going so you can purposely set out for the day. If you find yourself unsure or a bit lost, grab a seat in a local cafe to get your bearings.

Stay alert at all times

Getting too excited during trips is perfectly normal but when you’re alone and there’s no friend to watch out for you, skip the second glass of beer and keep your eyes on your belongings. Don’t leave your drinks unattended and be aware of your surroundings.

Tour during the day

There are places that lit up at night and are just wonderful to see (e.g. The Eiffel Tower). However, to be extra safe, do most of your activities during the day. If you want to have your dinner out of the hotel, scope out some restaurants during the day that is close to your hotel.

Forget flirting

Even for the most enthusiastic traveler, going solo can sometimes lose its appeal. It’s great to meet people when you travel but avoid flirting with lothario-type people and be mindful of your actions to avoid sending the wrong signals.

Listen to your gut

Always, always trust your gut instinct. Most of the time, the risk is seldom worth the reward. You can always go back to your accommodation and regroup when you sense danger.

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