6 Key
Horoscope Sites
That You Can Trust

Your future is in the hands of the astrologists when you choose a horoscope site from the list below. It can be hard knowing which ones are accurate and which ones are just absolute rubbish. That being said, the most popular horoscope sites are ones that offer a range of zodiac readings, tarot readings and more.

1 The Hoodwitch

The Hoodwitch

The Hoodwitch - Everyday magic for the modern mystic. The Hoodwitch offers everyday magic for the modern mystic. Gain access to the usual horoscopes offerings and you can order crystals online!

2 Horoscope.com


Ready for a zodiac reading? With daily, weekly, monthly and yearly breakdowns, horoscope.com has all your horoscope and astrology needs covered. It is a fun and interactive site that you can spend hours on, researching your love matches and ...

3 Astrology.com


A modern approach to horoscopes. Astrology.com is more than just another horoscope site, they have love compatibility readings, quizzes, focus areas and more. Challenge what you thought was true by delving into the deeper side of astrology and feel ...

4 Astro Style

Astro Style

Get your daily dose of zodiac with the AstroTwins. These ladies run the AstroStyle site and ensure all information is the most up to date so you can stay on top of planetary alignment and when you should take action in your life. Search for articles ...

5 Astrology Zone

Astrology Zone

Take it from the expert. Susan Miller has 24 years of experience in astrology and horoscopes. She offers a range of daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes that will cover all areas you are interested in like money, love, and work. Download the ...

Horoscope Sites

Our top picks

Being curious about what’s to come is all part of being human. We love to know what our future holds and reading your horoscope is one way to get the information you desire most. Through covering topics like money, love, work and experiences you will be able to find what ever it is you are looking for on horoscope sites like the top ones we have listed above.

Dive a little deeper into the world of astrology and learn about your zodiac sign character traits and those of your friends and family. Have you checked where the planets are lately? Mercury could be in retrograde causing a whole new world of issues. Get on top of what really matters in your life by researching your daily, monthly and yearly horoscope predictions with your choice of site above.

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