10 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping At The Supermarket

When was the last time you followed your shopping list to the T? No matter where you shop, supermarkets are designed to disorient and trick you into buying things that you don’t actually plan on buying.

But, don’t worry because getting yourself informed with these sneaky tactics and the different mistakes that you need to avoid when shopping at your favorite store will help you protect your hard-earned cash better.

  1. Arriving underprepared

Showing up to a supermarket without a list if you’re in the market for more than a couple of items, odds are you’re going to spend more money than you originally planned.

  1. Shopping with an empty stomach

Rocking up to the supermarket with an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster, and it’s the quickest way to end up with a shopping trolley full of things you don’t need.

  1. Buying more than you need

There’s nothing random about a supermarket sale, and it’s so easy to get more consumption items like batteries, toilet paper and light bulbs than you need.

  1. Using a shopping trolley when you only need a basket

If you’re only buying a few goods, carry them in a basket rather than a shopping trolley. The sheer weight of the items will be a reminder if you’re buying too much.

  1. Strictly shopping for fresh items

Fresh veggies might look considerably more enticing, but they’re not always nutritionally superior to the alternatives you can get in the frozen foods aisle.

  1. Failing to take in the bigger picture

There’s nothing accidental about the way a supermarket’s shelves are arranged, and the products that are at eye level are precisely the ones that you want to buy.

  1. Dismissing the generic brand items

While the packaging might not be as flashy, generic brand items are more often not just as good as the big brand names, for a fraction of the overall price.

  1. Bringing the grandchildren all along

Not only are the grandchildren a major drain in terms of focus, but they can also tempt you into buying discretionary purchases with must be avoided at all costs.

  1. Visiting the supermarket more than once a week

More often than not, if you’re visiting the supermarket for one item it’s going to be a waste of petrol. Plan your meals better and you should be able to avoid this.

Are you guilty of making these shopping mistakes?

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