If you are really unsure which path to take when it comes to your home security system solution, read on to see what the key considerations are and how you can decide between both options.

1. Call the Police or let your security system do the work:

If you already have a security system installed in and around your home then this first step will be much easier, for those who have not taken the plunge into the world of home security yet, being broken into might mean it’s a good time to start investigating your options.

The real first option for people with a home security system is to call the police immediately, and do not enter your home if you have arrived to a home broken into. If you are home and you suspect someone has broken in, do not panic, lock yourself in a room such as a bathroom that has a lock and call 911 to tell them what is happening. State your name, address and the situation.

When the police arrive, no matter if your security system alerted them or if you called them yourself, it is very important to file an official report of the break-in so it goes on record. This is needed for 2 reasons; To help catch the criminal and for filing insurance claims for items stolen or broken.

2. Make note of what was stolen/broken:

Taking the next step towards getting your items back (hopefully) means you need to identify what was taken, be very thorough as you go through the house, room by room, taking stock of what was there before and what is missing now. Take pictures of empty spots, try and find broken things to take pictures of too. Go through your security footage and see where the thieves went in your home for a more accurate picture of what might have been taken. Share any videos, photos and lists of items you believe to have been taken with the police and your insurance provider. It is also important to not touch anything until things have been finalized.

3. File your claim:

The next step is to file an official insurance claim within a certain time frame, they usually don’t provide much time for these to be made so get on it right away. Once your insurer has received your claim they may send someone to come and confirm your claim, the amounts you are claiming for and items. Claims adjusters can be hard taskmasters so it is always best to avoid fixing up your home too much and leaving things where they were at the time of the break-in if possible. More often than not they will ask you lots of questions about what happened, the information you have and any receipts or bank statements you can provide to justify the value of big-ticket items. Be ready to answer these questions and have as much hard-evidence as you can.

4. Repair your home, prevent future break-ins:

Now that the messy and stressful side of this situation is over with, it is time to cleanse your home of that negative energy, tidy up, fix what needs to be fixed and wait for your replacement items to come. It is also important to take the time to look at yourself and make sure you are doing okay, reach out to family, friends and neighbors for support and let them know to be aware of any break-ins in your local area.

To prevent something like this happening again, take precautions like installing a home security system, fixing or updating existing ones and putting in additional measures like deadbolts, bars on your windows, or slash-free security doors.

If ay of your personal possessions like wallets, key cards, ID, laptops etc. have been stolen, ensure you cancel your cards, order new ones, change all your passwords and install security on new computers.

Theft 101:

Burglary: This form of theft means you were not present or home when the theft occurred. As much as you never want to be burglarized, it is probably a little less stressful as you have minimal chance of being harmed.

Robbery: Means you were home or present when the theft occurred, usually scarier and more stressful for the homeowner. Sometimes the theft can occur with force, intimidation or threat which can cause trauma. Always seek help after experiencing a robbery and reach out to your loved ones to talk through the situation. Another great way to feel safe in your home again is to install a home security system that will help keep you, your family and your property safe.

The Wrap Up:

Moving forward is an important part of recovering from any sort of theft or break-in, it can be a really scary and emotionally challenging experience. Take the right steps and prevent anything else like this happening again with a home security system that will keep you safe and protect your home.