5 Simple To Use Phones – Designed To Make Your Life Easier [Call & Text]

Remember the day when your mobile phone was incredibly easy to use and could withstand even the most severe damage? Just because we are in the shiny smartphone age does not mean those days are over! These particular phones are designed to be easy to use with traditional keyboards, simple interfaces, and longer battery life. So, if you are not interested in all the bells and whistles of app stores, widgets, and constant useless notifications, then these are the phones for you.

1. Aspera Flip Phone F40

The Aspera F40 is the pinnacle of phones concentrating on simplicity, functionality, and usability. The flip phone combines a 2.8″ screen in a surprisingly compact titanium coloured housing. The keypad features large and easy to use oversized buttons with a soft, tactile feel. A discrete external display shows battery life, calls, and incoming messages. This phone is unlocked and capable of connecting to any Australian 3G and 4G networks.

Key Points:

  • Designed for simplicity, functionality, and usability. The oversized buttons are large, easy to see and provide a soft, tactile feel.
  • The phone provides all the expected features such as calls and texting, contact list and call logs, internet browser, photos, and video recording and more, all in a simple to use design.
  • It can connect to any 3G or 4G Australian networks.

Price: $99

Aspera Flip Phone F40

2. BlackBerry KEY2 LE BlackBerry KEY2 LE 

If you are still craving that full keyboard to make it incredibly easy to type out your messages, emails and notes, then look no further than this BlackBerry. This phone can be completely controlled through either the touchscreen or button functionality. Running the Android operating system, you can use it as a regular smartphone, or a regular phone to make all tasks a little bit easier.

Key Points:

  • Available in three different colours: slate, champagne and atomic.
  • Small and compact design with a soft textured back to provide additional grip and hand-feel to prevent drops.
  • The full QWERTY keyboard has large, tactile buttons, providing the easiest typing functionality of any mobile phone on the market. Combined with optional touchscreen functionality, this phone is incredibly versatile.

Price: $773.26

BlackBerry KEY2 LE BlackBerry KEY2 LE

3. Telstra ZTE Lite F327S

This phone does away with any surplus features to provide the most affordable way to keep in touch with loves ones via call and text. It might not take photos or browse the web, but you can have your contact list, call logs, texts and more simply functionality, all without breaking the bank! A long battery life and simple to use keypad, and handy shortcuts, make this the simplest and most affordable phone for those you just want to call and text.

Key Points:

  • A 2.4″ screen and access to the Telstra network make it very easy to connect through call and text.
  • The most affordable phone for those you aren’t interested in the bells and whistles. This phone provides all the necessary features to keep in touch, without breaking the bank.

Pricing: $27.99

Telstra ZTE Lite F327S

4. KESOTO Landline

If you are still keen to use a landline, then this is the phone for you! This big button corded phone is built for durability. With caller ID, the buttons and screen are designed for easy dialing and visibility, to keep you at ease when answering the phone, or dialing out. It also provides holding and redial functionality, as well as a 10-number speed dial list.

Key Points:

  • In the event of a blackout, you may not be able to recharge your mobile phone. A landline can therefore, be the only means of communication, so even as a backup, it is always recommended to have a landline available.
  • The phone is very easy to use with big, tactile buttons and a very easy to read screen which can show the incoming caller ID.
  • Additional features such as holding, redial, ringer volume control, and a 10-number speed dial list.

Pricing: $37.36

KESOTO Landline

5. Easyfone Prime A1 

The phone designed specifically for people over 50. All the features of this phone are provided to make it easy for those who might struggle to usually work a modern-day phone. The phone features large, separated buttons, big volume for the hearing impaired, a dedicated SOS button, and two other dedicated direct dial buttons. The included handy charging port ensures the phone will always be charged up and ready to use, and will never be lost or misplaced when in a time of need.

Key Points:

  • Specifically designed features for seniors, including large, separated buttons, big volume for the hearing impaired, a dedicated SOS button, and two other dedicated direct dial buttons.
  • Additional features include speed dialing from the #2 – #9 keys, task list, FM radio, flashlight and a 2.0MP camera.
  • The included charging port ensures the phone will always be charged, and easy to find at a time in need. The external display will show all the important information, including incoming calls and texts.
  • The phone is unlocked and can be used on any Australian network.

Pricing: $92.99

Easyfone Prime A1

This range of phones has been designed specifically for those who may not want or need the bells and whistles of modern-day smartphones. They still provide a great level of functionality, combined with incredibly simple to use designs.

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