We all do it. We walk into a supermarket with the best saving intentions, only to come out with a full trolley and empty pockets. While poor money discipline is the one the blame, supermarkets are littered with countless sales tactics to make it hard to resist the newest items or promotions on display. But, there are ways on how to do your weekly shopping without spending more than what you have budgeted for. In this post, we share our best tips on how to cut your shopping bill in half.

  1. Plan your shop ahead of time

And we’re not talking about a list on the fridge. Review your pantry and fridge before you even think about heading to the shops and make it a list of what you need.

  1. Shop at odd times

Try to avoid the supermarket when it’s busy. Shopping late in the evening will give you access to end-of-day specials, while you can be methodical in your aisle approach.

  1. Buy fruit and veggies in exact numbers

This requires some pre-planning, but only buy as much fruit and veggies as you need, as these items are generally the number one culprit when it comes to food wastage.

  1. Never go shopping when you’re hungry

Impulse buys are the enemy of every finely-tuned shopping budget. If you avoid shopping while you’re hungry less-likely to buy something you need.

  1. Don’t worry about being loyal

While they might like to convince you otherwise with loyalty schemes, it pays to do your groceries across stores. Plan ahead, and make sure you get the best price for every item.

  1. Use the grocery unit pricing

When different brands come in different quantities it can be difficult to figure out which is the best option, so go by the grocery unit pricing under the major tag.

  1. Keep your eye on the specials

If you’re single or eating on your own, see if you can plan your meals around the supermarket’s special. This is quick way to knock off some meals on the cheap.

  1. Avoid some items with packaging

Particularly when it comes to the deli and cheese section, pre-packaged items often come with a sizeable premium. Avoid these items and enjoy the long-term savings.

Are you having a hard time staying on budget? Which shopping trick will you try next?