What is Vivint?

Vivint Home Security is a one-stop shop for consumers who want a high-quality and customizable home security system. The company offers a wide variety of services, including sensors and alarms, cameras, and a smart home app to help give you control over your home security. One question many people may ask is: “ How do I find home security systems that are customizable and affordable?” Vivint offers multiple services that one can customize based on their need and is worth exploring as an option if you feel like it is in your budget. Vivint is a well-known and respected American home security company. Vivint was the 2015 recipient of the women’s choice best award for America’s Best Home Security System.

Vivint provides a variety of home security services, including sensors and alarms. These custom packages can allow you to prevent intruders from entering your home or driveway. Vivint offers features such as smart locks, lighting, and sensors, which you can control from the Vivint mobile app.

Vivint security and alarm systems are equipped with cameras strategically placed around your house to help prevent crime and other threats. Vivint’s packages offer doorbell cameras, indoor cameras, and outdoor cameras. The cameras can scare away potential intruders with lights and alarms.

Another intriguing aspect of Vivint is the smart home app, which allows you to control all aspects of your Vivint alarm system through the Vivint app. This app allows customers to control the lights, check on their home, and adjust the temperature in their house. You also have the ability to watch live feeds of the videos and to turn the alarm on or off.

What popular features do you get with Vivint?

  • 24/7 alarm
  • Sensors detect additional threats
  • Smart Home app
  • Helps prevent crime

  • Free installation with purchase
  • Lifetime warranty on equipment
  • Good smart home integration
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras

  • Doorbell cameras
  • Financing options available
  • Medical alert system

Who is Vivint ideal for?

Vivint offers top home security systems appropriate for individuals and small businesses that value a high-quality security service. If you have to travel frequently for work and are worried about the security of your home, Vivint may also be an appropriate option. Vivint is also useful for small business owners, as it can provide their building with security. Small business owners can use Vivint to monitor inventory and store activity. Moreover, Vivint is also an excellent choice for senior citizens or individuals with health issues, as Vivint also offers a medical alert system. Vivint is slightly more expensive than some competitors but offers more advanced digital service offerings.

Pros and Cons

  • Vivint does not require you to sign an annual contract
  • It is very easy for you to customize your plan with Vivint
  • Vivint works well with popular voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • The Vivint app is very helpful and allows you to constantly monitor activity at your home

  • Vivint’s monthly plans are relatively expensive, and you can easily find a better deal from its competitors
  • The initial cost of equipment is pretty high, which means you may need to seek financing options or save for this amount
  • It can be difficult if you want to move or cancel your plan, as there are additional steps to take and fees to pay
  • You only have three days to cancel your account if you change your mind.

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How much does Vivint cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

Vivint offers three home security packages for customers, including the starter package, premium package, and premium plus package. Monitored home security systems cost $20-60/month, depending on the plan. Professional installation charges can cost as much as $250. There are additional charges if you cancel your plan or move to a new home. One feature of Vivint is that owning a system can qualify you for savings on your homeowner’s insurance.

The starter package is Vivint’s most basic package and is the best option for those who are on a budget. This package includes 24/7 monitoring, intrusion detection, a touch screen control panel, and the mobile app.

The premium package offers the same features as the starter package, and it includes video security and a theft deterrent. This package is helpful, as the alarm system would be more likely to scare an intruder that tries to break into your home.

The premium plus package offers even more features, including voice control, stored video clips, smart home automation, and vehicle protection.

Vivint also allows customers to customize packages if they don’t see an option that is a perfect fit. This option allows customers to avoid overpaying, while still having access to the services they need.

Customer Support is available at Vivint

Vivint offers free and reliable customer support for its current or potential customers who need help with an issue. It has dedicated customer service lines to help with billing, technical support, or monitoring. Vivint is available 24/7 if you run into an emergency during the middle of the night. The website also has a chat feature if you prefer to chat to resolve your issue. Some services, such as moving your system to a new home or canceling your service, may result in additional charges.


Vivint is an attractive option for most individuals and small businesses who value higher-quality home and business security services. Most of the best home security companies offer extensive features that one can customize based on their needs. Although this comes at a higher price, this is often well worth the extra price. Consumers may also be able to save some money if they choose a more detailed plan and remove some of the features that are unnecessary for them. Most home security reviews give Vivint a relatively favorable rating, although some consumers prefer cheaper home security services. If you don’t mind the higher one-off fees and higher monthly costs, then Vivint may be the best solution to help offer an extra layer of protection for your home or business. Vivint still offers relatively affordable home security plans.