What is Cove?

Cove is a relatively new security firm that has risen to the standard of a top home security brand in less than five years. It offers a customer-focused and professionally-monitored home security system, featuring cameras, sensors, and remotes. The center of the security system includes a self-maintaining touchscreen panel. Everything else is built (by you) around the panel because Cove products are not pre-packaged for use; you get to pick the security features you would like to include in your security system. Moreover, you have the option of engaging professionals in installing the home security architecture at a price or indulging in DIY (Cove comes with many resources that will help you do-it-yourself).

Cove home security technology doesn’t provide self-monitoring, but with a seamless blend of high-quality equipment, first-rate tech, and capable agents that are available 24/7, they make available professional monitoring. Their professional-monitoring services, including Cove Basic and Cove Plus, are reliable and cost-effective. If you’re used to the Alexa and Google Assistant ecosystem, you will love Cove since it integrates with these virtual assistants to improve user experience.

What makes Cove stand out compared to other home security companies is its amazing security features, which depend on your choice and subscription plan. Cove’s LiveAssist feature allows a user to communicate directly with a member of the Cove’s customer support team, either by setting off an alarm or pushing a button. Another impressive feature is the RapidSOS; it transfers data, including exact location, alarm, and health data, directly to 911 dispatch to save time in an emergency. The TripleTouch alarm response also notifies you when an alarm is set off.

If you buy a defective Cove product or there is damage within a stipulated period, excluding the ones caused by you or intruders, different warranties are available to you, depending on your subscription package. There is also the “60-day money-back” guarantee. It means within the first 60 days of use, you can get a refund with shipping fees covered if you are not pleased with this home security system. If you are thinking, “how do I find home security?” Look no further; Cove home security technology is your ultimate option.

What popular features do you get with Cove?

  • Personalized home security system
  • Google Assistant and Alexa integration
  • Full-day professional monitoring
  • 4G LTE internet connection

  • No contract involved
  • 60-day return option
  • 24-hour touch panel backup
  • Offers DIY and professional installation

  • 1080p HD cameras
  • Flexible pricing plans

Who is Cove ideal for?

As a home or business owner looking for affordable home security that is effective and easy to install, Cove is suitable for you. Cove’s affordability doesn’t hinder it from being packed with helpful and reliable features and services. And what is a home security without these? Also, if you are the type to be deterred by a contract, Cove is the perfect option since no agreement is needed to acquire it.

Cove, one of America’s best home security technology, is ideal for everyone. However, if you are the type that prefers an unmonitored security system, you might want to explore other home security solutions.

Pros and Cons

  • As one of America’s preferred home security, Cove offers discounted prices for military, school teachers, and first responders.
  • Easily personalize your security system by answering questions about your home on their website.
  • There is the option of integrating your system with smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • You have access to instructional videos and an instructional manual to aid self-installation.
  • It has environmental and flood sensors to protect you from fire, smoke, flooding, and carbon monoxide.
  • Its cameras support local footage storage since they have slots for microSD cards.

  • Even if a user prefers unmonitored services, that option isn’t available.
  • Wind could hinder the outdoor camera’s sound since it has no noise canceling feature.
  • Its security features don’t come in a package; users must order each features separately, depending on their needs. This means you have to take enough time to study the technology and decide what you want.
  • You need a premium subscription plan to access its mobile app.

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How much does Cove cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

With Cove, one of the best and most affordable the American home security technology, you purchase your home security products and features separately till you get your desired security system. Cove products’ prices often fluctuate due to some discount, but it is a cheap home security system regardless. Currently, the touch panel costs $99.60, the door sensor goes for $12. The window sensor is $18, motion detector $24, smoke and CO detector $22, flood sensor $8, security key remote $20, outdoor camera $79.60, and indoor camera 39.60. You may add more or remove some products to set up your system. Shipping is free. The prices for this America’s preferred home security system are at a 60% discounted rate and are valid till August 24, 2022.

Once you have purchased your Cove products, you can have them professionally installed or you could do it yourself. To get it up and running, you need to subscribe to either of Cove’s home security plans: Cove Basic or Cove Plus. Cove Basic costs $17.99, while Cove Plus costs $27.99.

The Cove Basic includes professional monitoring, texts, phone calls, a cellular connection, hourly automated system checks, 24-hour battery protection, and a one-year warranty. The warranty only covers defects and depreciation.

The Cove Plus has all the features available in the “Basic” plan and some other features. The additional features include smartphone control using the Cove app, a week of cloud camera storage, integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, rate lock-in, access to live and recorded camera footage, equipment upgrade, and a lifetime warranty.

Customer Support is available at Cove

As a customer-focused brand, the Cove home security company has provided various forms of assistance to ensure its users enjoy reliable services at all times. It features everything from pre-purchase information to detailed articles on the products. The Cove website has an icon tagged “Help Center” where users and other visitors can find useful information about each product.

You can reach their customer support experts directly by calling the number (855) 268-3669. You can also chat with them online on weekdays, anytime from 10 a.m to 6 p.m (EST), or send them an email.

Based on reliable home security reviews, Cove’s quick response time is a significant reason for its popularity and high customer satisfaction ratings.


Keeping your home safe is important. In the crowded home security industry, Cove has developed products that qualify them as one of the best home security companies in America and one you can trust to secure your home. Visit the Cove website to get started.